Agency Aces Part One – How Gaming Grew Up


How did gaming advertisers widen their audience appeal through evolving storytelling? In this blog series, we dig into the world of marketing and discuss brands, news, trends and examples that have made digital headlines. In this two-part Agency Aces, Kyle looks at how creative storytelling influenced advertising, shifted attitudes, and appealed to increasingly wider audiences in the gaming industry.   Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog… these games are embedded into many a childhood memory. For many, none more so than a side-scroller that involved a portly plumber eating mushrooms, saving kidnapped princesses and smashing turtles in the process – the one and only Super Mario. These days, whilst you can still get up to similarly questionable actions...

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New Starter: Louis Moselhi

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Meet Louis. Pulsar’s new digital marketing exec and street art enthusiast. Get to know him in a little more detail below:   Tell us, what have you been up until now? Coming from South London, I studied my Masters in Economics and Hispanic Studies at the University of Aberdeen. This involved spending a year in Bilbao, Spain where I became fluent in Spanish. After graduating I worked at Affiliate Window, managing accounts such as Disney and Urban Outfitters. I then moved into PPC at [email protected], the digital arm of the Ogilvy Group. What’s been the most interesting job you’ve had before you found a career at Pulsar? The experience I gained at Ogilvy was great as I learned a lot...

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Pulsar New Starter: Tom Clark

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Meet Tom Clark. Pulsar’s new marketing manager and horror movie enthusiast. Get to know Pulsar’s marketing wiz a little more in detail below:   Tell us, what have you been up until now? For the past seven years I’ve been enjoying the ever-shifting world of digital marketing, working in SEO, PR, social media, copywriting, content marketing and marketing automation. Having previously lived in Stoke, Manchester and Leeds, before making the move to London 2 years ago, I’m a recovering Northerner who pronounces certain words weirdly. Most recently I was working at an adtech company as Head of Digital. What’s been the most interesting job you’ve had before you found a career at Pulsar? Probably working within PR – there’s something...

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Brand Dig: The Brands that are Celebrating Diversity by Unifying through Love


In this blog series, we dig into the world of marketing and discuss brands, news, trends and examples that have made the digital headlines. In this week’s post, marketer Kyle looks at how brands are supporting a different kind of love – the love of difference. With the recent protests, scandals, right wing politics, racial tensions, war… what the world needs now more than ever is to stand united. That’s easier said than done, considering that in a modern-day era, we have so many philosophies that often divide society in half (cough Brexit, cough Trump). It’s a gamble for a brand to pick a side that not only stays true to their values but doesn’t alienate opposing beliefs. Maybe that is the...

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Politics are in fashion: how lifestyle brands navigate the risky mix of advertising and politics  


When Pepsi’s ad featuring Kendall Jenner was unleashed on the world last week, the Internet collectively cringed… then roared, causing the ad to be pulled within 24 hours. So many things were so wrong with this ad: the glaring disconnect between Pepsi and politics, exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement to peddle soda, using a Patron Saint of shallowness to promote ‘wokeness’…  We were only left with one question: who the hell signed this off?!   Politics are the growing trend in advertising Although the Pepsi-Jenner debacle once again reignited the conversation around advertising and where the line of good taste lies, brands using politics for their own capital gain has been a growing trend. One of the industries that...

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Agency Aces: Creative that Embraces the Awkward

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Digging into the world of advertising, Kyle looks at what insights, creatives are using to birth original concepts that build affinity between brands and people. What a colossal nightmare some brands have had since our last Agency Aces a fortnight ago. Pepsi made protests look like some empowered hipster street protest, whilst at the same time, United Airlines were embroiled in a public… wait, United Airlines are still involved in a PR storm (the only difference is that the storm recently just caught fire). And yet, after these turbulent two weeks, United Airlines still have no sight of clear, blue skies ahead. I simply cannot exclude air travel as the topic for this week’s Agency Aces (well that’s what my...

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Event: Catch us at NEMRA 2017


Taking place on the 18th of May at the Conference Centre at Waltham Woods, Pulsar will join some of the brightest and most creative research minds at The New England Marketing Research Association (NEMRA/NEIA) Spring Conference 2017. Share a day of learning, connecting, and fun at one of Boston’s premiere research events. Pulsar’s Head of US Client Services, Kristina Follett, will be in attendance and keen to discuss any audience insight questions you may have – if you’d like to set up a chat ahead of time, simply book a meeting here. Starting at 8:00am and closing with cocktails at 18:00pm, we’ll be there for a day filled with insightful talks that will shine a light on the latest happenings within the research industry....

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Brand Dig: when Pepsi, Barbie and Uspaah used stereotypes in ads – with varying success


In this blog series, we dig into the world of marketing and discuss brands, news, trends and examples that have made the digital headlines. In this week’s post, researcher Harry looks at how brands are using stereotypes to make or break their campaigns. There are a number of reasons why people might use stereotypes. One of the main reasons, though, is surely a lack of understanding of the group being described. But while you might call out a mate if they make sweeping generalisations about other people, brands don’t get off so lightly. When marketers don’t fully understand their audience, they often end up relying on stereotypes. At best these stereotypes are ineffective and ignored. At worst they’re offensive to...

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Pulsar is Hiring: we’re looking for a new Business Development Executive


Pulsar is expanding and we’re looking for fresh, intelligent minds to help drive us to new heights in 2017. At Pulsar we strive to develop the best social media listening platform, features and customer service on the market. Continuing our pursuit of greatness, we are looking to hire a new person with a passion for the digital industry and who is capable of matching our potential for world domination. WHO WE ARE   In short, we’re an awesome company. And the reason why is simple; because we hire the best people. Pulsar is a new breed of audience intelligence platform that’s re-inventing social media monitoring. We track conversations in 170 languages, across millions of social and news sources, collecting 100% of...

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Webinar: Towards an hypothesis-driven insights approach to social media analysis


You won’t get good answers unless you’re asking good questions! For some reason in social media research this simple fact has been overlooked for a long time, often leading to noisy datasets, time consuming analysis and ultimately weaker insights. And the introduction of privacy-first data sources like Facebook and LinkedIn which offer unprecedented access to data that’s aggregated and anonymised, has made the need for better questions more pressing then ever. In response to this shift a new research approach is emerging. Join us for an inspirational webinar hosted by our VP, Francesco D’Orazio, as he talks us through how to use social data to validate specific research hypothesis. Francesco D’Orazio (@abc3d) This webinar will cover the steps to implement a...

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